Exchange & Refund Policy

The crystals are unique pieces because they contain images of your own, so after completing the payment process, the product cannot be modified, exchanged, or returned.

Therefore, in the event of any inquiries, please contact us through one of the communication channels available to assist you. - Non-modification includes changing the shape of the crystal, image, text, or design completely after payment.

o In the event that damage to crystal products is noticed within 24 hours of receiving the product - crossed out, broken or hair - the customer contacts the work team and attaches a picture of the product to verify the presence of damage.

o In the event that the damage is verified, you will be compensated with a new crystal with the same design at the time of ordering.

o Accessories products are not returnable and will be replaced only in the event of damage or malfunction, God forbid, within 24 hours from the date of receiving the product by communicating with the work team and attaching a picture of the product to verify and complete the necessary procedures

▪ In the event that the customer acknowledges the existence of damage to the accessory products, they are returned to verify the damage, and he is compensated with a new product of the same type in the event that the damage is proven

▪ In the absence of any damage, the customer shall pay shipping fees